Thursday, April 3, 2008


After a long and emotional day , both good and not so good , I grabbed William and took off for church. Where else to go when you need comfort ? ( no not Sonic ! or Jack in the box! or the liquor store!)
I hadn't had a nice and warm (and fat free !Not really) Starbucks macchiato. White chocolate or caramel ,depending on the mood...

So I am sitting in my car , waiting for a well deserved treat , when one these , show up next to my van :

Although , somewhat sleep deprived , I wasn't just hallucinating.
I told the young man(What was he ?12?) serving me at the window , there was a Longhorn running around his parking lot . Of course he assumed I had lost my mind (just knew by the look of pity in his eyes as I was telling him) and stuck his head out of the drive thru window ( I was so (hoping ) scared the little automatic window was about to close !) and without looking one bit sorry for thinking I was stupid he handed me my drink and turned around to tell his buddies about the cow!

Our Starbucks is situated at the corner of 2 main streets .Please pray for the lost Longhorn ...

Little video for Dawn...
Taste the Rainbow!!!


Beth said...

That's funny! We live in a rural area and we have a cow pasture across from our house and there always seems to be a cow on the loose!! My girls love it - we of course, keep them at a distance - but they find it exciting!!!

Hope the Longhorn finds his way back to the ranch!

Kim Wheedleton said...

Hi, Mimi!

Thanks for visiting my blog today. I've been following your story through Michelle's page and your care page, and have grown much and learned plenty thanks to you and Ju and your family.

Well, moving on to the topic at hand... Can't wait to tell my kiddos about the roaming longhorn!! They will love it!

Shellie said...

I hope the cow got home safe and sound! How fun you have a blog now. I just got done reading the carepage about Hayley- she is amazing, and I hope she writes more, or keeps a journal or something-what a perspective she has for a young woman. Here's praying for her too.

Laura said...

Longhorn at Starbucks...Wow! I would think I had a coffee high...I love cofee, and live on it! Sweet JuJu's shines like a beautiful rainbow yet, so sweet like skittles!

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Hmmm I thought you said you didn't live close to my MIL!

OK I know, that was mean. Oh well! bwahahahahahah

Laura ~Peach~ said...

I have been following your care page since last year. I am glad to see you blogging and can't wait to see more.
That would be a bit freaky to see a long horn in a busy area... I hope he got found and back to pasture quickly!
have a great week I will be back (going out of town and not sure about the laptops connectability... loved the pics of you on the ranch out in the yard to get service :-)

The Journey Begins Here said...

How weird is that?

Love the story about the drive-thru window.

Love you, T

AlaneM said...

Welcome to blogger, I was so excited to get your comment on my post! I was like, "wonder who this is...wait a minute, Julian?? Hey, it's Mimi, cool!"
And thanks so much for what you said - made me feel better and not so dang guilty.

Love the cow story, I'd be really surprised to see that cos longhorns are sparse up here in WA. Although cows are all over in our rural area, cows & wheat, wheat & cows - gatta love the Palouse :)
Bless you girl,

Tracy said...

I guess this just goes to show that everyone loves Starbucks, even the four legged ones!

Dawn said...

Awww "taste the rainbow"! He's so sweet.
And a COW at a STARBUCKS!!! We only have squirrels around here.