Monday, March 31, 2008

Just starting up...

Welcome to my life...My walk with God...My crazy home full of boys and pets...

I started this blog because ...Well, why not?

I have tried a few different blogs . Xanga, myspace , facebook... But it seems like a lot of you women who have been following my family on , belong to this community. I was jealous , I threw a fit and got me my own blogspot!!!

I have some friends on here already , ,

Just to name a few...
Now, PLEASE, don't make fun of me as I am new to this place , I know somehow I am supposed to be able to write their names instead of the whole address but I am way too " stupid-tired" (as my dear friend Peggy calls it) to try to figure it out!!!

Be back for for more!!
Or like they say here down in Texas " Yall come back ,Ya hear?"