Sunday, January 11, 2009

As i sat in Church yesterday and the service was coming to an end, as they roll the casket away , as I watched Peggy and Scott holding each other up , I saw my friends face showing the pain I felt a year ago on that day , as I felt her pain , I finally set my tears free. I had hope for so much for her, I had prayed and begged she would never have to feel that pain because it just doesnt go away. I didnt want for you Peggy, to live for the rest of your life with a broken heart . We just cant fix that ... As I watched you walk away, these words came to me :

"The day I buried my son " , memoires overwhelmed me ...I wrote it down ... When I woke up this morning , they rang again in my head... Here is where they took me ... This is to you Coleman and Peggy, as much as it is for Julian and me...

The sun was beautiful that day
The wind pretty chilly…
People came from afar,
To celebrate his life.

He was so little
But his heart so big,
He touched so many ,
He helped them find God.

His smile was like no other,
Brightening the darkest souls,
His eyes shared the biggest secrets,
On how life was all worth it.

But on that day ,
That cold but sun filled day,
Our hearts were aching,
His eyes were closed.

Smiles only appeared thru tears,
As we stared at his sweet face.
We were all standing together,
With very little understanding .

Why do loving little boys,
Full of beauty and strength ,
Have to leave theirs mothers,
fathers and brothers way too early.

Balloons went up to Heaven,
Faces turned up to the sky,
Beautiful, bittersweet times,
Fly high little ones…

Surrounded by so many ,
Friends, family , strangers,
All gathered around…
Why this overwhelming feeling of loneliness?

The sun was brightly shining ,
The tears freely flowing
My world stopped turning,
The day I buried my son…

Mimi( 01-10/11-2009)

January 09 in Callender IA

January 08 in Fort Worth,Tx

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Larson, Spoonhower , Avery kind of fun ...