Tuesday, September 30, 2008

First : HAPPY BIRTHDAY KEN !!! We celebrated some at Chili's last night . But I dont think he got much of his cake, the boys took it over !!
We had a good time last night however bittersweet. I know I have said it before but I would give everything to feel Julian cuddled up in my lap . And amazingly , we had the same waitress , Amy, as last year. She wasnt supposed to work but saw Ken at lunch when he was handing out papers about CC facts , and switched shifts around so we could have her . She had met Julian last year and it had clicked for her as of why they were doing all this for childhood cancer. She didnt know he had gone to be with Jesus , and she got really sad... Thank you Amy for working a double yesterday !!!

OK, now there is an awesome lady out there making up Calendars to raise money , not for childhood cancer but a different childhood illness . PLease go check out http://www.carepages.com/carepages/Blankiesinmemory . She needs you , parents of ill children, to send her pictures to add to her calendar by tonight I believe ... Thank you !!!

Also our little friend Jessica ( Alveolar Rhabdo) is having a bday on Oct 14th ... We dont know what the near future holds for Jessica ... Lets shower her with BDAY cards from all over the world :
Jessica Easley
314 Teal Trl,
Shirley AR 72153

I know I have told someone else I would mention their site but I forgot who ( please email me again myriamtx@yahoo.com )

As far as kiddos, I am a bit overwhelmed as how many have been put on hospice lately ...
But here is a couple who were mentioned to me.

http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/brody.a.hurt Brody's bday is on oct 12th , there is a mailing address on their caringbridge for fan mail ...

Also , yesterday was a very sad day , the day that we learned that one of our kiddos has relapsed from Neuroblastoma , if your child is a Neuroblastoma warrior fighting a relapse , Nicholas' mom would like to hear from you : http://www.carepages.com/carepages/NICHOLASDEFELICE , Nicholas is a handsome blond blue eyed lil man who will steal your heart...

Now, as many of you know, I am a french native. I hold a green card and I am lovingly called an alien by the US government . I have been a US resident since 1996 , a PERMANENT resident since 98 or 99 . Well we are coming up on 10 years , and now I need to choose to either become an american citizen or renew my green card. So , it looks like if I can afford it ( please do not send me any money , I am being sarcastic here ) and if I agree to bear arms on behalf of the US if necessary and if they deem me good enough to become a US citizen , oh and probably if I promise to eat freedom fries instead of frAnch fries from now on , within the next year , I should be able to call myself AMERICAN . I will let you know more on this as the paper work gets done . This totally stresses me out as I didnt have the best welcome in this country ! But thats a story for another day ...

Well, enough for today , and please try to EMAIL any prayer requests on kiddos as I might have questions and well you know, I cant reply directly to your messages !!!

OH OH OH ! Very important thing I forgot to tell you... I got to go visit the most beautiful sweet baby girl ever at Cooks on Saturday . Baby Carson slept the whole time . She made all kinds of cute little noises . I stuck around for a while and talked to Mom and Dad , they are an amazing set of parents , and Carson couldnt have picked better , and she is in the hand of one of our favorite oncologist there at Cooks , Dr Heym...
Something cute. Before I left , I said " Carson , you have so many people thinking about you ..." , she was asleep but she gave us a little grin just as I said that ...

Have a good afternoon , and dont forget to wear your childhood cancer awareness gear all month next month ! I want to see GOLD right along with the PINK !!!!



Theresa said...

We are walking tomorrow at the elementary school in honor of one of our second grade students who has a brain tumor.

Alex's Lemonade Stand is what the PTO picked. I put my two cents in for Curesearch, of course.

I hope Ken got a piece of cake!

Shellie said...

Good luck on the citizenship. You should do just fine! They're a real pain when you first come here. I hate the INS office with a passion. The citizenship process went much more smoothly for us though.