Wednesday, July 9, 2008


OK, so... After losing a child you might think that one would appreciate every single second with the remaining children...

Except , EXCEPT....It is summer...Except , school aged children find themselves extremely BORED !!! Except , I bring the bored ,school aged children to work with me ... Except , my 3 year old loves to scream, except , my 8 year old LOOOOOOOOOOOVES to make the 3 year old scream , probably out of boredom , but more likely to annoy the crap out of Mama... While the

10 year old believes with all his heart that he is the two others' father and has to discipline them with this unbelievably irritating tone of voice ( which is exactly the same tone WE use to discipline them!!!)



I think it has to be a conspiration to drive me to drink or insane or both!!!

Thak GOD for Church and VacationBibleSchool !!!!! I do get a break from 6.30pm to 9.00pm from all 3 of them!!!! 2 1/2 hours worth more than gold to this Mama !!!!

But WHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHY does it have to only last for 5 days?? 5 short days???

Anyone wants 3 sweet , well mannered little boys for the summer???


I am Heather...creator of all things crafty! said...

And I was feeling guilty about feeling this way about just one kiddo. Glad to hear there is someone else out there who is looking for all the local VBS's and summer camps. We're in the same boat chica, grab an oar and we'll row together. Wink.


Beth said...

That is hilarious!!!!!

Laura said...

Hey! I just love when my bigger kids say things to correct the smaller siblings...NOT! To be honest it's because most the time they do sound like I really sound like that? I to have a picker and a screamer...aint' life fun! Loved hearing from you I think of you daily. Love ya!

nomi said...

Yup, I'll take them! Send them to Canada, they'd fit in well with my crazy two!

Shellie said...

The oldest thinks they are the parent-check, the next oldest pesters the younger sibling-check, the younger whines and screams-check! They all have a twin at my house...Feel free to send them on over. My youngest imitates the words and tone of voice of scolding too. You can be thankful they're driving you crazy instead of being too sick to act that way! Gotta keep those guys busy, I guess.

Theresa said...

Hey I missed this update somehow. I would love to have the boys...for a day. Then they would start acting like my two.

We are enjoying the summer but Praise God that our churches have VBS at different times, so we had them occupied for TWO weeks!

Love the post.
Love YOU. Theresa